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Synchronis Architect’s Relative Escaped Collapsing Home

Synchronis’ architect staffer, Hamid Madarati, let us know his aunt lives in Antakya, one of the heavily affected cities in Turkiye near the magnitude 7.5 earthquake’s epicenter. Wide swaths of buildings collapsed, including the home of Hamid’s aunt, whose family luckily escaped unscathed.

Hamid’s family are refugees from nextdoor Syria, also heavily affected by the quake, which has added severe insult to injury to the ongoing hardships of a never-ending civil war and economic sanctions.

If, like me, you have been wondering how to help, consider participating in this crowdfunding campaign, currently nearing its goal of raising $4,000,000:


Albert Sawano

Albert Sawano has applied experience from over three decades working on major building projects to converge upon a design approach that sets aside traditional polarities such as functional vs. aesthetic, or architectural vs. structural, in favor of design that is holistically-approached, integrative, and synchronistic.

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