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Synchronis’ Secret Project Codename: Inhabio

Targeting a 20% Reduction in Construction Cost vs. Wood Me and our innovation team are…

Vernon Avenue Apartments Wins Unanimous Approval

It's official.  Our 48-unit apartment building in South Los Angeles was unanimously approved by the…

Synchronis is Getting Old (in a good way)

We hope Synchronis keeps its startup ethos forever but getting older has allowed us to…
A Better World

The Real You

You would not be alone if you have spent much of your life trying to…

A Working Theory on the Law of Attraction and How Things Really Work

Part of the bonus when people hire me and the other "out of the box"…

A Formula for Peace on Earth?

Peace on earth.  A very appropriate wish for this season of reconnecting and giving.  And…

I Figured Out How to Be Happy…Sort Of

The good side of living for a bit now is to have had the opportunity…
A Better World

Old School Tech

The boss man has some strange ideas but good taste in technology.
A Better World

King Bling is Dead: Long Live the King?

There was a familiar time in the not-too-distant past when individualism was king and the…
The Business of Architecture

Architecture: A Profession, Art or a Business?

If there's yet one more thing, like it or not, that the Great Pandemic of…
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San Francisco in 2021: A Harbinger of What’s Wrong with Western Civilization?

An intentionally key location for Synchronis since the firm's founding, San Francisco is one of…