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Joining the firm as Principal, Architecture & Planning, Dale is a Nationally Recognized Thought Leader in School Design

Los Angeles— June 26, 2023 Today Synchronis announced that well-known Los Angeles architect John Dale, FAIA, has joined the firm as a co-leader in the role of Principal, Architecture and Planning. Mr. Dale has been involved in the master planning, programming and design of public and private institutional projects through a more than three-decade career. His diverse experience includes district-wide master plans, small learning communities and sustainable, high-performance schools which have been honored with numerous awards. A thought leader in the field of school design, he has been recognized nationally for his achievements and was bestowed with the prestigious American Institute of Architects Fellowship in 2008. Mr. Dale’s experience also includes faith-based projects, single and multi-family housing, higher education and civic facilities.Mr. Dale is President of The Council on Open Building and previously served as President and Board Member of the A+D Museum, whose mission is to guide the public through the complex effects design has on the world.

Albert Sawano, Synchronis Founder and Principal Architect, said: “I’ve known this firsthand as a longtime colleague, but John is recognized throughout LA as an architect’s architect. Together, I think we can really make an impact on improving our regional environment and California overall. In our spirit of craftsmanship, we are going to double down on creating beautiful and purposeful building designs using cutting-edge virtual design technology, but now we are expanding our reach to address education and civic buildings with the same care and rigor.”

Albert Sawano

Albert Sawano has applied experience from over three decades working on major building projects to converge upon a design approach that sets aside traditional polarities such as functional vs. aesthetic, or architectural vs. structural, in favor of design that is holistically-approached, integrative, and synchronistic.

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